Get the right GTM leaders to boost your portfolio companies’ valuations

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ScaleWise's flexible leadership solutions are perfectly suited to VC or PE-backed companies.

We place the right GTM leaders with the right skills at the right time, so your portfolio companies can reach the next stage at a higher valuation.

Why use ScaleWise?


The average tenure of a GTM leader in B2B tech is now just 17 months. The cost of this attrition can’t be overstated.


Many issues stem from the over-reliance on career recruiters who haven’t been GTM operators.


ScaleWise uses its deep operating experience to diagnose the specific type of leader required.


Then we leverage our unparalleled network of GTM talent to secure leaders who have an immediate & long-lasting impact on company valuations.

James Craig, Portfolio Value Creation Lead @ Puma PE

“ScaleWise are completely unique in what they do. Their deep GTM operating experience means that they can quickly diagnose issues and support our PortCos in finding the specific expertise they need to scale.”

ScaleWise solutions

We help investors find game-changing sales, marketing, customer success, partnerships and RevOps leaders for their portfolio companies. Our flexibly tailored solutions include:

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Get full-time GTM leaders in six weeks, not six months

Interim & Fractional

Get experienced GTM leaders on a flexible basis

Scale Coaching

Get GTM expertise and advice by the hour

By working with ScaleWise, you will have access to: 

Workshops for your portfolio companies

Leveraging our deep GTM operating experience in B2B tech, we’ve created a number of interactive workshops that share best practices & practical advice for your PortCos.

Harry Thomas, Portfolio Director @ Beringea VC

“Fantastic workshop yesterday! Thank you so much for providing such an insightful and engaging session. It resonated really well with our portfolio companies and I’ve already had great feedback.”

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#1. Workshop

How to hire the right sales leader at the right time & cost

Who it’s for Founders / CEOs at B2B tech companies who are looking to hire a sales leader or have mis-hired in the past.

What we cover

#2. Workshop

B2B Sales Hiring - benchmarks, myth-
busting & best practices

Who it’s for Founders / CEOs at early stage B2B tech start-ups who are ready to progress from founder-led sales.

What we cover

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#3. Workshop

US Market Expansion - roadmap, methodology & pitfalls

Who it’s for Founders / CEOs at B2B tech scale-ups looking to expand into the US.

What we cover

#4. Workshop

Building & maintaining momentum in B2B sales

Who it’s for Founders / CEOs who are still leading sales and sales leaders within Series A start-ups.

What we cover

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