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Work with experienced GTM operators, not recruiters, to find an exceptional GTM leader.
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ScaleWise can support your search in three ways:

‘Partner’ (providing a full end-to-end exec search), ‘Source’ (widening your qualified candidate pool for interviews) or ‘Target’ (producing a detailed candidate pack on the exact type of GTM leader required).

We specialise in Head-of to C-level go-to-market leaders across sales, marketing, customer success, partnerships and RevOps.

Unique benefits


Reduce the risk of a mishire by working closely with a GTM expert
(not a recruiter)


Access a wide pool of pre-vetted, often off-market, talent from our curated GTM community

New hires

New hires receive 3 months’ of coaching from a GTM expert to accelerate their onboarding

Best suited to companies that:

Jonny Day, COO at Learnerbly

“I was really impressed by how quickly the hiring process moved, especially given the detailed requirements of the role. ScaleWise did an awesome job of getting a complete understanding of our needs, translating that into a comprehensive candidate pack and curating a shortlist of excellent CRO candidates incredibly quickly.”

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Executive search solutions

We offer three solutions to suit your time, budget and support requirements.

GTM Expert


We speed up and de-risk your internal recruitment process by aligning stakeholders on the precise skills and experience required. From this, we produce a detailed candidate pack defining responsibilities, objectives and a clear assessment criteria. This enables applicants to self-qualify and ensures your time is well spent with informed and engaged candidates.
GTM Expert


If you’ve already got your job description nailed, this option will expand your candidate pool and ensure you’re not missing out on great talent. As well-known figureheads within the GTM community, we not only have unique access to a wide network of on and off-market talent, but having interviewed over 1000 GTM leaders, we also know what great looks like.
GTM Expert


Our full end-to-end exec search service combines ‘Target’ and ‘Source’ with pre-screening interviews, shortlisting and onboarding support. We’ll guide you through every step to save you time whilst ensuring you attract and select world-class talent for your business.

Your ScaleWise GTM Advisor: Levels of Support

We have a team of advisors who specialise in each distinct GTM function. You’ll work with a ScaleWise GTM advisor who has extensive experience and insight into the role you’re hiring for.

Target Source Partner
We’ll explore your needs, share market insights, review salary benchmarks and agree on the type of GTM leader that will best suit your business. 
Needs analysis and alignment
We’ll interview your key internal stakeholders to gain alignment on the exact skills and experience required for the role. We’ll produce a detailed candidate pack defining responsibilities, objectives and a clear assessment criteria. This enables applicants to self-qualify and ensures your time is well spent with informed and engaged candidates.
Expand your candidate pool 
As well-known figureheads within the GTM community, we have unique access to a wide network of talent, on and off the market. Having interviewed over 1000 leaders, we know what good looks like. 
Candidate experience
We take representing your brand seriously. We build strong relationships with your candidates, answer all their questions and keep them updated. This approach ensures they’re fully engaged throughout the process. 
Interviews & shortlisting
All candidates will go through our rigorous 3 stage screening process (including those sourced through your own network / VCs). We’ll save you time and hassle by selecting only the best for you to interview.
We can join your interview panel and assist with your decision-making if required. 
Post-selection support 
Once you’ve selected ‘the one,’ we’ll manage compensation negotiations and agree on a start date. We’ll communicate with them regularly to ensure they stay committed at this crucial time. 
Onboarding support 
We’ll keep close to you and your new hire throughout the 3-month onboarding period. We’ll provide a senior Scale Coach to give them a sounding board and help them to ramp up quickly. 
Package Discover Source Partner
Upfront Fee (charged per role)
Success Fee (% of base salary)

*Deductible from success fee upon successful placement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to our unique network of pre-vetted GTM leaders, we can carry out the full Partner service in weeks, not months. For example, we matched Learnerbly with a full-time Chief Revenue Officer in just six weeks (see case study here).

Yes. If you choose our ‘Target’ solution, we’ll help you produce a detailed candidate pack on the exact type of GTM leader required, and you can then use other channels to find candidates. If you sign up to our ‘Partner’ solution, we’ll assess and manage your direct referrals alongside candidates we source.

Usually 2-3 weeks from initially reaching out to ScaleWise. After reaching out to ScaleWise, we’ll speak to key internal stakeholders to get a complete understanding of your needs and develop a detailed candidate criteria in week one. Armed with this specific criteria, we’ll use our wide network of GTM leaders to create a shortlist of suitable candidates for you to interview within two weeks (depending on candidate availability).

Depending on the role and criteria, ScaleWise will create a shortlist of 4–6 candidates from which you will be able to select your perfect match.

At ScaleWise, our thorough matching process massively reduces the chance of a mishire by ensuring candidates not only fit the detailed role brief, but are also well-suited to working with your leadership team and your company structure. During the matching process, we can also agree on options in case the chosen candidate doesn’t work out, such as a rehire or a credit.

With a combined 35 years’ scaling experience, including founding the London Chapter of Pavilion (which now contains over 10,000 global revenue operators), we’ve built up a unique network of global GTM leaders. Using our first-hand GTM experience, we have an intimate understanding of scaling challenges and have pre-vetted all the leaders in our network (i.e. all our Scale Experts must have 2 years+ experience in Head-of, VP or C-level roles at investment-backed B2B tech businesses at Series A or Series B). We know their availability and can provide you with ‘off-market’ talent.

Unlike regular recruiters, we have first-hand GTM operating experience at fast-growth B2B tech companies. With a combined 35 years’ experience scaling companies, we have an intimate understanding of the opportunities and challenges of scaling at pace. We therefore not only give you access to a unique network of GTM talent, but also give honest advice on your exact needs and produce detailed criteria for the game-changing hire you need for your specific stage of growth.