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Relying on ScaleWise ongoing support over 2+ years to make key scaling decisions and three GTM hires.

How ScaleWise's continuous support over 2+ years, including placement of a fractional sales leader and two permanent GTM hires, helped ThreatAware scale.

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Founded in 2019, ThreatAware is a cybersecurity SaaS platform that improves businesses defence from cyber attacks. Integrated with an organisation’s existing security tools and rolled out across all digitally-connected company devices, the ThreatAware platform discovers and protects every cyber asset, and provides real-time oversight of an organisation’s cyber defence.

ThreatAware Need

ThreatAware’s first time SaaS CEO Jon Abbott was trying to navigate a difficult scaling journey in an increasingly competitive marketplace without a senior salesperson on board.


In particular, ThreatAware wanted to move away from its traditional sales structure, but didn’t want to hire a full-time sales director as a) they were unsure what to look for and b) they knew if it went wrong, it would end up costing them a lot more than just a full-time salary.

ScaleWise Impact

ThreatAware reached out to ScaleWise initially for sales advice. ScaleWise has since worked with ThreatAware on a continuing basis, advising the CEO on pressing scaling issues and sourcing three hires (one fractional and two permanent) over an ongoing 2+ year relationship.
ScaleWise has had the following key impacts:

1. Sourced a successful fractional sales leader.

In the early stages, ThreatAware didn’t want or need a full-time sales leader, but were unaware of fractional leadership until discussing their needs with ScaleWise Co-Founder Gavin Sumner. ScaleWise subsequently sourced a fractional Head of Sales, James Rose, from its network whose skill set and mentality perfectly suited ThreatAware’s needs. Initially working one day per week, rising to three days per week as ThreatAware’s needs evolved, the Fractional Head of Sales modernised ThreatAware’s sales process and more than doubled ThreatAware’s average deal size. Over a 1.5 year relationship, the Fractional Head of Sales also restructured the sales team, implementing a high performance SDR structure.
“ScaleWise know everything about hiring. Not only is their database unbelievably accurate, but they also tell you how much every salary should be, what skills to prioritise and what job titles to aim for, so you always get the right person and pay the right amount.”

2. Placed two permanent GTM hires in two months.

Two years after first engaging with ScaleWise, ThreatAware had grown to the point of hiring two permanent full-time GTM positions: a Head of Sales and Head of Marketing. ScaleWise worked with ThreatAware’s CEO at every stage of the hiring process, advising on salary and skills, producing a detailed candidate pack, sourcing suitable candidates from ScaleWise’s network and providing guidance on the interview process (i.e. how to assess candidates). The result? ThreatAware hired a permanent Head of Sales in under two months and a permanent Head of Marketing within a month.
“ScaleWise’s scoping is excellent, the candidate pack is really high-quality and their network is unbelievable. As a start-up, it’s also very tricky to close a good candidate and we really relied on their advice.”

3. Provided ongoing scaling support.

For over two years, ScaleWise was on-hand to provide direct support to ThreatAware’s CEO as the company encountered new scaling challenges. For example, when expanding into the US, ScaleWise gave advice to ThreatAware on its tax set up and manicured its US pitch deck to ensure it painted the company in the best light. ScaleWise also gave advice on hiring outside the GTM sphere. For instance, when ThreatAware needed to hire a senior finance person, ScaleWise leveraged its network and advised on suitable roles, rates and job titles. What’s more, ScaleWise has helped ThreatAware keep up to speed with the latest industry developments through introductions, webinars and panel discussions.

“What’s amazing about ScaleWise is that although they’re not part of our business, they really want us to succeed and have done everything they can to help us achieve our aims. Fractional hires. Permanent hires. US expansion. Investment decks. Every time we’ve had an issue over the last two years, ScaleWise has been there for us.”
Jon Abbott

Jon Abbott

CEO, ThreatAware

“ScaleWise are unbelievable at finding the right people. Their fractional sales leader was a great success and exactly what we needed. We’ve also just made two high-quality permanent hires with them and the process was super-quick and even more impressive than the fractional hire. I don’t know how they do it, but it really works.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to our unique network of pre-vetted GTM leaders, we can carry out the full Partner service in weeks, not months. For example, we matched Learnerbly with a full-time Chief Revenue Officer in just six weeks (see case study here).

Yes. If you choose our ‘Target’ solution, we’ll help you produce a detailed candidate pack on the exact type of GTM leader required, and you can then use other channels to find candidates. If you sign up to our ‘Partner’ solution, we’ll assess and manage your direct referrals alongside candidates we source.

Usually 2-3 weeks from initially reaching out to ScaleWise. After reaching out to ScaleWise, we’ll speak to key internal stakeholders to get a complete understanding of your needs and develop a detailed candidate criteria in week one. Armed with this specific criteria, we’ll use our wide network of GTM leaders to create a shortlist of suitable candidates for you to interview within two weeks (depending on candidate availability).

Depending on the role and criteria, ScaleWise will create a shortlist of 4–6 candidates from which you will be able to select your perfect match.

At ScaleWise, our thorough matching process massively reduces the chance of a mishire by ensuring candidates not only fit the detailed role brief, but are also well-suited to working with your leadership team and your company structure. During the matching process, we can also agree on options in case the chosen candidate doesn’t work out, such as a rehire or a credit.

With a combined 35 years’ scaling experience, including founding the London Chapter of Pavilion (which now contains over 10,000 global revenue operators), we’ve built up a unique network of global GTM leaders. Using our first-hand GTM experience, we have an intimate understanding of scaling challenges and have pre-vetted all the leaders in our network (i.e. all our Scale Experts must have 2 years+ experience in Head-of, VP or C-level roles at investment-backed B2B tech businesses at Series A or Series B). We know their availability and can provide you with ‘off-market’ talent.

Unlike regular recruiters, we have first-hand GTM operating experience at fast-growth B2B tech companies. With a combined 35 years’ experience scaling companies, we have an intimate understanding of the opportunities and challenges of scaling at pace. We therefore not only give you access to a unique network of GTM talent, but also give honest advice on your exact needs and produce detailed criteria for the game-changing hire you need for your specific stage of growth.

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