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Developing Go-To-Market Strategy and Positioning

How ScaleWise helped EvaluAgent’s Head of Go-To-Market, Matt Jones, develop solid GTM strategy and brand positioning for the scaling call centre disruptor.

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Customer Service Software

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Scale Coaching

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Pre-series A

Launched in 2012, EvaluAgent is a quality assurance (QA) and improvement SaaS platform for customer experience teams, primarily within call centres. EvaluAgent facilitates the monitoring and training process within customer experience teams by enabling them to better understand the communication between sales agents, customer service representatives and end customers via their innovative call centre software.

EvaluAgent Need

As a rapidly growing company, EvaluAgent sought experts with fast-growth experience who had not only delivered tangible success within their industry, but understood their business model and had the ability to share relevant advice.

Meanwhile, having initially started out as a digital marketer, Matt Jones had recently taken over the responsibility of the company’s go-to-market strategy to drive commercial product marketing and inbound sales. EvaluAgent wanted someone that could help Matt develop a solid GTM strategy and position the brand effectively. However, as EvaluAgent couldn’t afford to bring in someone full-time, they looked for an alternative, on-demand solution: ScaleWise.

ScaleWise Impact

ScaleWise started providing 1-1 Scale Coaching to Head of Go-to-Market, Matt Jones, in March 2020, giving the company access to VP-level expertise during a critical stage in their business growth. Their Scale Coach provided powerful insights gained from first-hand experience so that the EvaluAgent team could gain clarity over what to prioritise and how to execute a more effective Go-To-Market strategy.

What’s more, the ScaleWise team also helped solve some of EvaluAgent’s scaling challenges:

1. Mapped customer pain points

The ScaleWise team conducted client interviews to understand the true reasons for selecting EvaluAgent. The insights generated from this customer pain-mapping surfaced unknown pain points which helped to generate more effective messaging and positioning. The pain analysis process that ScaleWise conducted has since become an ongoing initiative used independently by EvaluAgent to understand clients’ needs better as they come through onboarding.

2. Built out addressable markets

Working collaboratively and setting clear end-goals was pivotal to the success of effectively fleshing out EvaluAgent’s addressable markets. The Scale Coaching helped EvaluAgent establish the size of their market, their Ideal Customer Profile as well as the specific companies to target in order to exceed their growth goals.

3. Developed value proposition

EvaluAgent used the insights from customer pain-mapping to evolve their value proposition. They learned they were starting to be perceived as a product that was a commodity rather than mission-critical and they needed to pivot their value proposition to counter this. Through Scale Coaching, EvaluAgent was able to develop a much more compelling value proposition that enabled more meaningful conversations with prospects, shortening their sales cycle and win rates.

4. Improved core messaging

Linked closely to their updated value proposition pivot, we collaborated with EvaluAgent to develop strategic core messaging that allowed them to approach prospective customers and ensure they understand how (and why) to improve Quality Assurance. The plan here involved creating a sense of urgency around QA and the impact it has on delivering a positive customer service experience.

Evaluagent client wins

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Matt Jones

Matt Jones

Head of Go-To-Market, EvaluAgent

“Having valuable expertise ‘on tap’ from ScaleWise has been pivotal in accelerating the growth of EvaluAgent. The ScaleWise Coach’s knowledge and understanding of scaling shone through at every step of the engagement and enabled us to structure and streamline our GTM efforts.”

Frequently Asked Questions

A Scale Coach is a seasoned GTM operator who has been through our screening process to ensure they have the experience and expertise required to support our clients. They provide powerful insights, offer constructive feedback and love sharing their knowledge.
Our Scale Coaches are VP and C-level go-to-market leaders who have recently played (or are currently playing) pivotal roles in successfully scaling fast-growth tech companies. Their specialisms include Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Partnerships and Revenue Operations.

ScaleWise Marketplace has 250+ Scale Coaches who offer expertise across sales, marketing, customer success, partnerships and RevOps. You have two ways to find the right coach. You can use bespoke filters on the ScaleWise Marketplace to search for relevant experts and book chemistry calls with anyone who catches your eye. Or you can create a Help Request on ScaleWise Marketplace and experts with matching skills and experience will apply. You can then review applications and book chemistry calls with those you feel are the best match.

We offer a range of subscription packages from 2 to 4 hours per month. Hours can be used with multiple Scale Coaches if desired. We require an upfront deposit of £435 which will cover the cost of your first session. In the unlikely event that you don’t find a match this will be refunded.
We’ve on-boarded over 250 Scale Coaches, most of whom are based in EMEA. Specialisms include Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Partnerships and Revenue Operations.
There is a 3-month minimum contract.

Yes. You can use your subscription hours with any Scale Coach. You have over 250 to choose from! ScaleWise has many clients who are tapping into the expertise of several Coaches at once.

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