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How to sell a convincing growth story to Series B investors

From understanding key players’ roles to identifying investors’ priorities, scaling founders must compose a compelling narrative to raise a Series B.

How founders need to change between Series A and Series B

Whether related to process, people or product, founder evolution is vital to achieving a successful Series B. Here’s how.

Re-Leased Case Study

Scalewise placed an Interim VP of Sales at Re-Leased who had an immediate impact on sales recruitment, mapping territories and coaching the sales team

Mosaic Smart Data Case Study

Mosaic Smart Data enlisted Scalewise to help CEO Matthew Hodgson build Mosaic's commercial function with an interim CRO.

Scalewise’s 5 Steps: How to make a success of a portfolio career

From getting up to speed quickly with the right clients to communicating clear expectations to founders, follow these five steps to make a success of interim and fractional leadership.

Break the norms: an introduction to life as an interim leader

New challenges, new experiences, new freedoms. Two revenue leaders explain the benefits of switching full-time roles for interim roles.

How to get started as an interim or fractional leader

From defining your need and thinking about specialisms to finding clients and building your brand, follow these 4 steps to build a portfolio career as an interim or fractional leader.

Three reasons why tech scale-ups are embracing Scale-Expertise-as-a-Service (SEaaS)

From minimising hiring risk to accessing top talent according to changing needs, on-demand scale expertise is changing how scale-ups grow.

Enhancing the value of partnerships: the three key metrics to use

Scalewise VP of Partnerships Emily Assender explains why Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Lifetime Value (LTV) and Net Retention Rate (NRR) are the holy trinity of partnership metrics.

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