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How a high-potential Zendesk Account Executive elevated her career with focused Scale Coaching, which developed her sales skills and improved her sales results.

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Founded in Copenhagen in 2007, the now San Francisco-based Zendesk is a fast-growth SaaS scale-up that was at the forefront of the customer experience revolution by enabling any business around the world to take their customer service online. Today, Zendesk generates around $1 billion in annual revenues, employs a worldwide workforce of more than 4,000 people and works with customer-focused companies like Tesco, the NHS and GoCardless.

Zendesk Need

Zendesk had a successful Account Executive, Alicia Campbell, who wanted to develop her skills, resilience and confidence and take her career with Zendesk to the next level. However, she was unsure of where to begin. Alicia therefore enlisted the help of ScaleWise to improve her sales skills, raise standards and plot a career path with Zendesk.

ScaleWise Impact

Within days of project sign-off, ScaleWise found Zendesk’s Alicia the perfect Scale Coach to support a high-potential Account Executive on their growth journey. With focused coaching, ScaleWise helped Alicia improve her sales skills, translating into better results, while landing her ideal role in the organisation. In particular, ScaleWise’s Scale Coach had impact in the following key areas:

1. Boosted Alicia’s career trajectory

When Alicia started working with ScaleWise, she had identified a position she wanted at Zendesk: Head of Fintech. However, there was one problem – there was no Head of Fintech role at Zendesk. In fact, Zendesk didn’t have any vertical-specific positions. ScaleWise helped Alicia discover what her true ambition was for her career at Zendesk, then formulate a strategy to achieve it. This included creating a mission statement and preparing for interviews. The result? Alicia landed the role of Head of Fintech at Zendesk in December 2020

2. Made Alicia a more effective salesperson

ScaleWise’s coaching had a dramatic positive impact on Alicia’s sales results. Alicia was already a great salesperson, but ScaleWise helped her create a framework for consistent success. The ScaleWise Coach helped Alicia build confidence, resilience and an ability to cope with the highs and lows that sales brings. Alicia used to lose confidence in challenging situations, but now she feels more empowered during those difficult conversations. This translates into tangible results for Zendesk and also resulted in Alicia consistently smashing her quarterly targets, including Q1 2021.

3. Built an asset for Zendesk

Thanks to ScaleWise’s coaching, Zendesk has a focused Account Executive who is very clear on the deliverables and the asks. Alicia is more professional, mature and structured than she was before working with ScaleWise and Zendesk reaps the rewards. Being able to work with ScaleWise while at Zendesk has also made Alicia appreciate how great Zendesk is. Her loyalty will be a massive boost as Zendesk scales as they can now count on an engaged AE and Head of Fintech, who is consistently producing results and raising the standards of others in the organisation.

Alicia Campbell

Alicia Campbell

Head of Fintech, Zendesk

“Coaching challenged me. It definitely improved my performance. Being able to speak with someone who’s done this before, who built that strategy, gave me perspective on my role and my career. I now know what I want and I know that Zendesk allows me to get there.”

Frequently Asked Questions

A Scale Coach is a seasoned GTM operator who has been through our screening process to ensure they have the experience and expertise required to support our clients. They provide powerful insights, offer constructive feedback and love sharing their knowledge.
Our Scale Coaches are VP and C-level go-to-market leaders who have recently played (or are currently playing) pivotal roles in successfully scaling fast-growth tech companies. Their specialisms include Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Partnerships and Revenue Operations.

ScaleWise Marketplace has 250+ Scale Coaches who offer expertise across sales, marketing, customer success, partnerships and RevOps. You have two ways to find the right coach. You can use bespoke filters on the ScaleWise Marketplace to search for relevant experts and book chemistry calls with anyone who catches your eye. Or you can create a Help Request on ScaleWise Marketplace and experts with matching skills and experience will apply. You can then review applications and book chemistry calls with those you feel are the best match.

We offer a range of subscription packages from 2 to 4 hours per month. Hours can be used with multiple Scale Coaches if desired. We require an upfront deposit of £435 which will cover the cost of your first session. In the unlikely event that you don’t find a match this will be refunded.
We’ve on-boarded over 250 Scale Coaches, most of whom are based in EMEA. Specialisms include Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Partnerships and Revenue Operations.
There is a 3-month minimum contract.

Yes. You can use your subscription hours with any Scale Coach. You have over 250 to choose from! ScaleWise has many clients who are tapping into the expertise of several Coaches at once.

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